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Create your own WordPress template – Part 1

Under the heading “WordPress CMS” I have created a tutorial on how to quickly and easily create their own templates for WordPress.

The article is accessible via the navigation or here.

Install Skype with Ubuntu 14.04

As Skype is not included in the standard repository of Ubuntu, it can’t be installed directly in the console with apt-get install or the Ubuntu software. Therefore, first the appropriate repository must be added in order to subsequently install Skype:

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WooCommerce online shop for WordPress

In the last article I have the webshop system Jigoshop described for WordPress, in this article I would like to introduce a similar system that has separated from the Jigoshop development, but also very many opportunities for the integration of the online store provides; namely WooCommerce.

This article describes the application of the system and illustrates the use and benefits.

E-Commerce with WordPress: Jigoshop

Available since May 2011, the WordPress plugin Jigoshop offers a free and high quality e-commerce solution for WordPress. In just a few minutes can be set up for an existing WordPress system. The developers put in the solution to the freemium model, the basic version is free, but with the option of paid extensions and templates, making it a simple and effortable solution.

An article with the most important information about this shopsystem I have provided in the article “WordPress e-commerce with Jigoshop“.

Multilanguage WordPress with qtranslate

There are several plugins for WordPress that offer a solution for multilingual websites. One of the most popular plugin is qTranslate which is available for free and is easy to implement in your own website. In this article I will show how step by step how you can implement different languages to your blog or website.

Cloud-Storage: Encrypt your data optimally

Part 1 of the cloud services offered a brief overview of the online store, here I would like to deal with the optimal data protection of personal data. Usually, the files will be encrypted in the cloud, but the data itself is usually not stored encrypted, so the data of every person that has access to the online store, be read and processed unjustified.

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Cambiar WordPress CMS a otro dominio (copiar o migrar WordPress CMS)

Oft möchte man sein laufendes CMS- oder Blogsystem sichern oder lokal auf seinem System zum Laufen bringen, um beispielsweise verschiedene Tests durchzuführen oder lokal am System zu entwickeln. Falls man nur Inhalte zwischen 2 WordPress CMS austauschen möchte eignet sich die im CMS integrierte Export – Import Funktion welche ich hier nicht näher beschreiben werde. Dies werde ich evtl. im nächsten Post beschreiben, hier geht es vielmehr um den kompletten Umzug auf einen anderen Server oder Domain, speziell um diesen Vorgang unter Linux zu automatisieren.

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PDF Dokumente unter Linux bearbeiten mit dem PDF Toolkit

Um PDF-Dokumente unter Linux zu bearbeiten gibt es einige hilfreiche Tools um recht schnell ein paar Seiten zu entfernen, neue hinzuzufügen oder die Dokumente zu bearbeiten. Eines der besten Tools (welches ich selbst auch verwende) ist das PDF Toolkit (pdftk), falls dies noch nicht installiert ist einfach über das Software Center oder die Konsole nachinstallieren:

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