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After describing the e-commerce system Jigoshop for WordPress I’d like to introduce a similar system which has been desengaged from Jigoshop and is now a standalone system: WooCommerce for WordPress, so there are still many similarities of the two systems, especially in the backend. In this article I will briefly describe the use and benefits of the system.

The characteristics and advantages of WooCommerce

Integration in existing WordPress installation

Like any other plugin does it integrates seamlessly into WordPress. The products are managed directly in the backend and are located at the database level in the post table (if this is an advantage or a disadvantage rather I will detail described later). The administration and reporting and order management is carried out completely very comfortable in the WordPress backend.

WooCommerce - Settings

WooCommerce – Settings

Before setting the first products you should make a few basic settings. Be This includes not only the “General” tab, the “Sites”, it is the specific pages of the online stores like Shop page, articles page or checkout, these are created with the installation of WooCommerce and should already correctly in the tab “Pages” assigned . Mostly, however, is missing after installation page for the terms and conditions, which must be manually created as articles and still assign correctly in the tab “Pages”. Once these are set have to accept them explicitly before checking out the buyer. The peculiarities of German online shops I go at the end of this article an even more accurate.

Selling physical and virtual products

With WooCommerce can be sold both physical and virtual products (downloads, etc.), this option is included by default in WooCommerce and must be activated in the options as well as the product. In a virtual product you have to do is upload it (eg in a zip file) and the amount of time available and specify the number.

WooCommerce - Vrtual and downloadable products

WooCommerce – Vrtual and downloadable products

The buyer then gets automatically after the successful purchase an email with the download link for the product sent. The download URL is encrypted when you “force downloads” option in the WooCommerce Store settings under General / Digital Downloads chooses.

User-defined adjustments to WooCommerce

The design can be easily adapted to your own website and how the CMS itself managed via templates. There is a whole range of ready-WooCommerce themes (free and paid) but you can also just create his own template or an existing expand by a child template.

Also there are a variety of extensions (free and paid cash) which provide all sorts of additional functions for the shop system.

WooCommerce is very easy to extend through the many extensions. It’s worth a look at the overview to throw or to simply hold times on the Internet for available plugins out. A variety of plugins can be found for example here: WooCommerce Extensions. So you can pretty much customize any functionality, regardless of whether this is an extension of the payment options, you want to integrate an affiliate program or would like to create invoices and delivery notes directly from the system.

Otherwise, I would rather recommend to put on one of the final WooCommerce themes. Potentially, you can combine the theme with its own theme and just let the shop run on an extra WooCommerce theme. The instructions for the use of WooCommerce hooks gives a good overview and a little tutorial on using the hooks. About the hooks of the individual WooCommerce Shops elements can be customized, these are defined in the funcions.php the template.

Example Plugin – AWD Weight / Country

The shipping options included as standard a range of options available, but these can be very easily via Plugins.

WooCommerce - Shipping Options

WooCommerce – Shipping Options

Since I had the requirement for an online shop to dynamically determine the shipping costs based on the total weight and the country and WooCommerce this standard does not provide, I have the free plugin installed AWD Weight rate to the cost to determine very dynamic. This first group of countries which are created for the shipping costs are the same (there may be up to 3 groups are created), then the shipping costs will be determined on the basis of the weight for each group:


As shown in the figure can be an option per line represent, to 0.5kg for example, the shipping cost 25.30 [€, $] for the first group of countries

Specifics of German online shops

Now that I have generally reported WooCommerce I would like to dwell on the establishment of German webshops. Since the development of the system mainly happened in the U.S. are not the peculiarities of the German legal system there in the foreground.

In the German version of WooCommerce the button solution is already integrated, this is since 01.08.2012 for all German online shops imperative. Who would like to inform you precisely will find more information. If we define, then the user is prompted before buying to accept in the backend settings a previously defined page for the terms and conditions this also.

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